Book Description

Carved In Stone documents the life, career, and playing and teaching techniques of horn player Vincent DeRosa, the world-renowned recording artist. DeRosa has had an astounding career that spans seven decades. He is undoubtedly the most recorded horn player ever, as well as one of the most respected.

The book is divided into four sections:

      • A review of DeRosa’s personal life.
      • DeRosa’s career (including a historical perspective of the
         Los Angeles recording industry and his impact and
         influence on it).
      • A concise and direct description and analysis of his playing
         and teaching  methods including insights into both technique and          musicianship.
      • Appendices, exercises, and photographs

This book is the result of a number of years of research including over 60 interviews with DeRosa, his colleagues, and former students, as well as numerous print resources. It should provide invaluable information to all brass instrumentalists, not just horn players.

Carved in Stone is an extraordinary and well-deserved tribute to Vincent DeRosa and his contributions to the music world.